Encouraging and promoting LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community in the Calgary area. 




Pride In Business was established in 2011 to support, encourage and promote small to medium-sized LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses and those that support the LGBTQ+ community in the Calgary area.

Our goal is to encourage networking between LGBTQ+ businesses, professionals, and supporters to enhance visibility and support in our community. We strive to be a positive example and influence on LGBTQ+ youth and younger professionals. Pride in Business aims to provide a space and platform for which LGBTQ+ businesses and individuals can thrive and achieve success.  We strive to educate our members on how to get involved and what organizations, charities, services, businesses, networks and professionals within the LGBTQ+ community are available to them for support as well as for them to support.

By hosting innovative & engaging events for Calgary’s dynamic LGBTQ+ professional community, we hope to facilitate connections and visibility for LGBTQ+ run and LGBTQ+ friendly businesses as well as their professionals.

Pride in Business will recognize LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship, innovation, diversity, inclusion, mentorship and support. In turn, we believe this will make the LGBTQ+ business community stronger and provide opportunities for companies and individuals within our community.

Together we have a voice and the ability to build-up our community.

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– Recognition

– Support

– Inclusion

– Empowerment

– Professionalism


What is Pride in Business?

  • Pride In Business organizes quarterly professional networking events

  • Pride in Business is an LGBT+ professional networking event

  • Event themes encourage conversation among attendees

  • Engaging & entertaining speakers in cool Calgary spaces

  • Your participation in our events increase the investment that gives grants to the LGBT community



Pride In Business would not be possible without the support of our incredible sponsors. 

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